Digital utility maps

For the operation, extension and maintenance (service & inspection) of a supply and disposal system, plant operators must keep full, positionally correct and consistent data describing the network. This digital inventory furthermore greatly helps the objective assessment of the operating assets. Our experienced employees carry out all work involved in creating a digital utility map.

Our services:

• Data gathering
Project preparation by inspection, assessment and preparation of existing digital and analogue planning documents of the respective utility provider (water, gas, wastewater, electricity, district heating etc.).

• Location
Location of metallic and non-metallic pipelines using the transmitter/receiver method. The pig immersion method is used for non-metallic pipelines, and building connections are reconstructed using a transmitter probe.

• Surveying
GPS or tachymetric surveying of all marked pipeline points with subsequent analysis for further use in creation of the digital plans.

• Digital network measurement and plan creation
All existing pipeline data (survey, plans etc.) are graphically and alphanumerically entered and managed in the pipeline information system based on the cadastral map (DFK, DKM etc.). General plans, multi-section plans, hydrant plans etc. are created from the as-built plans by separate management in layers (main pipeline, connection pipeline, building connection, dimensions etc.).

• Visualization
Use of the information station ViewNET gives the operator digital access to his inventory data. ViewNET allows the input, display and output of information as well as maintenance.