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With water having become so costly and drinking water now a valuable and rare commodity in many parts of the world, we must be careful in how we use our remaining reserves.

In our modern society, we take our regular supply of perfect drinking water for granted. The water is fed to our houses through pipes and discreetly disposed of through other pipes. Only the short stream of water between the tap and the drain is ever seen. Only few people are aware of how much energy is required and what technologies are involved in producing, treating and delivering water, and know that an adequate water supply requires efficient management. In many areas, water shortages are not a result of insufficient water production, but rather of faulty management.

Efficient water management starts with knowing the current condition of the supply system. Alongside locating and repairing leaks, this involves keeping the network plan up to date, taking consumption measurements, repairing and replacing pipelines, determining a water price to cover the costs and performing functional tests. Furthermore, the supply system should be regularly maintained by proper professionals. For more than 30 years, SETEC Engineering employees have asserted that maintenance and rehabilitation of supply networks are fundamentally important for the efficient and economical operation of waterworks.

SETEC Engineering was established in 1999 as an Austrian subsidiary of the German consultants ‘H.P. GAUFF Ingenieure’ and is thus a member of the ‘’ group. When it was established, the core staff of a renowned Austrian firm with extensive experience in the field of water supply systems was assimilated. SETEC offers a comprehensive service package for drinking water supply facilities:

  • Consulting & training
  • Water loss analysis
  • Hydraulic network analysis
  • Digital utility maps
  • Planning & monitoring
  • Technical and economic assistance

SETEC strives to operate in close cooperation with its clients worldwide wherever services relating to water supply are required. To uphold the high technical standards, we continually invest in employee trainings and improvements in quality management.

Given its reliable and high quality services, SETEC has gained an excellent position in the water supply sector not only in Austria and Germany, but also internationally. SETEC is aware that many supply systems are not running as efficiently as they should, and that this prevents an adequate drinking water supply in many countries around the world. This, and the fact that water is valuable, is why SETEC offers its services worldwide.

SETEC Engineering at a glance

Year established:


Legal form:

Limited partnership
Registered with the Regional Court of Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Austria
Registration No. FN 180699I

Managing directors:

DI Gerhard Zimmerl


H. P. Gauff Ingenieure GmbH & Co. KG -JBG-, Germany


ÖVGW - Austrian Association for Gas and Water
DVGW - German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water
AWWA - American Water Works Association
IWSA - International Water Services Association
WKO - Austrian Economic Chambers
WKK - Carinthian Chamber of Commerce - Engineering Offices - consulting engineers


World Bank
KfW - Development Bank, Germany
GTZ - German Agency for Technical Cooperation
BKA - Austrian Development Aid, Austrian Federal Chancellery
ADB - Asian Development Bank
European Commission - Phare, Tacis
AfDB - African Development Bank

Branch offices:

SETEC E&C d.o.o., Belgrade, Republic of Serbia
SETEC Engineering GmbH & Co KG Project Office, Tirana, Republic of Albania